Genymotion is the most popular replacement for Android emulator, but by default it does not come with Google play services and play store. You will have to follow this guide and manually install one or two zip files to install required files. But now with version 2.10 Genymotion adds a one-click installer to automate the process!

Here’s the official release notes for the feature: link

Even though it’s a “1-click” installer, it took me 5 minutes to figure out where to “click”. So I took some screenshots for the installation. Hopefully these steps would help you as well.

#1 Make sure you have Genymotion version 2.10 installed

#2 Click on the newly added “GAPPS” button

step 2

#3 Accept terms and Wait

step 3 step 3 step 3

#4 Reboot the emulator

This is always a tricky thing to do for genymotion emulators. Some people say you can run adb reboot command to reboot genymotion instances, but it never works for me.

Instead I would long click the “power” button, power off the machine, close the instance, and then just restart the emulator.

#5 Login and verify everything works

Also a green check mark should also show up at “GAPPS” button. Click on the button again it would show:

step 5

Some Notes

  • The installer basically downloads and installs the appropriate open gapps file for you. Nothing too magical. You can still drag over the zip file and install it manually.
  • I tested with genymotion 5.1 and 6.0 images, and both work as expected. Remember to switch to android official adb tools to avoid weird issues. (Sometimes emulators freeze when using genymotion’s adb binary)
  • The installer does not install ARM Translation Installer v1.1 by default. It is only needed when you run into INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE error. See more details in the guide by codepath. However installing the ARM translation WILL BREAK the Instant Run feature. Use it when you actually need it.